Assembly line for axle bearings

+ Manual component feed into buffer system
+ Rotary indexing table
+ Axis handling units for transferring the components
+ Fully automatic joining process (force-displacement monitored)
+ Fully automatic knurling process (force-displacement monitored)
+ 3D camera measurement
+ Automatic filing i.O / NOK sorted by defect characteristics
+ Process data management

Assembly line to manufacture valves

+ Goods carrier transfer system
+ Fully automatic feeding
+ Fully automatic press-in (force-displacement monitored)
+ Fully automatic screwing (torque monitored)
+ Fully automatic greasing
+ Ultrasonic welding
+ O-ring assembly
+ Hysteresis & tightness measurement
+ Fully automatic silicone dosing
+ Camera control
+ Laser marking
+ Filing, sorted by defect characteristic
+ Data traceability